The Higher Institute of Social Work
In Kafr El-Sheikh

Welcome. (Word from Prof. Dr. Tariq Emara,
Dean of the Institute).

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Institute vision

That the institute be distinguished, academically accredited in social work, and compete locally, regionally and internationally.

Institute mission

The Higher Institute of Social Work in Kafr El Sheikh / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is committed to preparing and qualifying a social worker in accordance with national academic reference standards to meet the needs of the local and regional labor market, capable of conducting scientific and applied research to study human behavior. And to assist in solving individual, group and societal problems, and to contribute to the provision of preventive, curative, developmental, training and advisory services and programs for the advancement of customers and residents of society at all levels, within a framework of ethical and professional values.

The goals of the Higher Institute for Social Work in Kafr El-Sheikh
    • Preparing students scientifically (Theoretically and practically) to graduate professional social workers as a general practitioners (GP) of the social work profession, after the students has obtained a bachelor’s degree in social work.
    • Preparing professional leaders in the fields of social work in line with the different needs of society.
    • Conducting scientific researches in various fields of social work
    • Carrying out professional practices that work to spread social awareness, raise the level of social services, organize special studies on it, and extract its effects
    • Preparing a cadre of faculty members in social work.
    • Contributing and cooperating with various scientific bodies in providing solutions to confront the problems of developing countries in general and the Arab Republic of Egypt in particular..
    • Encouraging authorship, translation and publishing in the fields of social work practice.
    • Contribute to community development and services programs
    • Conducting researches and studies dealing with many issues and problems of the local community and providing appropriate scientific solutions to them..

Institute News

Prof. Dr. Tariq Emara, Dean of the Higher Institute for Social work in Kafr El Sheikh, received the leaders and personnel of the private security company that was contracted to carry out security and guard work at the institute, where he welcomed everyone and directed the need to maintain security and safety and to achieve discipline and commitment within the corridors of the institute within the framework of respecting laws, regulations and organizing instructions for work. In this regard, His Excellency stressed the need to achieve full cooperation on the part of our male and female students with new leaders and security personnel. The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Ashraf Murid, the Institute’s agent for Environmental Service and Community Development, Raafat Farraj, Secretary General of the Institute, Mustafa Emara, Director of the Dean’s Office Department, and Professor Ibrahim El Shahawi, Director of Administrative Security at the Institute. The company started its work on Tuesday, 1-12-2020, in implementation of the new security system at the institute, which covers all the buildings, entrances and exits of the institute, the administrative buildings, the new building of the stands, the academic amphitheater, gardens and the institute’s campus.

Prof. Dr. Tariq Emara, Dean of the Institute, received the leaders of youth welfare and the institute’s student team for basketball “Boys” on the occasion of the Institute’s basketball team, “Boys”, winning the third-place cup at the level of the Republic in the first round, which was held in the Youth Sports City in Alexandria organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and under the auspices of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Murid, Institute’s agent for Environmental Service and Community Development, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Attia Bali, Institute’s agent for Field instruction and Youth Welfare, Prof. Dr. Doaa Fouad, General Supervisor of the Center for Continuing Education and Community Development, and Mr. Mohamed El-Naggar, Director of Administration Student Services, Mr. Mohamed El-Gohary, Director of Youth Welfare, Miss Suad Al-Abbasi, Supervisor of Youth Welfare, and Department Supervisors, Mr. Hisham Abadi, Mr. Ahmed Sarhan, and Mr. Tariq Abdel-Khaleq. His Excellency Prof. Dean of the Institute praised the achievement of the institute’s basketball team, “Boys”, and his Excellency extended sincere thanks and appreciation to the students participating in the session and the youth welfare leaders for all.

Under the patronage and presence of His Excellency Prof. Dr. Tariq Labib Emara, Dean of the Higher Institute for Social Work in Kafr El Sheikh, the Institute organized the annual celebration for the reception of new students in the first year for the new academic year 2020-2021 on Sunday, 1-11-2020 in the academic amphitheater of the institute,

His Excellency Prof. Dean of the Institute spoke, welcoming the attendees, new students and parents, and congratulating everyone on the occasion of the start of the new university year, stressing that the institute’s management has made all the preparations and equipment required to receive students as of Sunday 18-10-2020, as he affirmed his Excellency on The regularity of the educational process and the presence of all the institute’s professors in the classrooms and classrooms starting from the first study day according to the announced academic schedule, and that the institute appreciates the educational process and seeks to graduate a modern and distinguished social worker, indicating the importance of students ’participation in various student activities in sports, culture, art and literature to build the student’s personality With a call to everyone to adhere to the precautionary measures in order to preserve their safety, and His Excellency called on the students to adhere to the traditional schedule of lectures inside the stands and the electronic lecture schedule, “Distance Education”. He also expressed once again his happiness at receiving new students at the institute and joining the institute’s family and wishing them success during the new academic year. He affirmed the institute’s administration’s keenness to provide means of care for students, calling for commitment and preservation To the customs, traditions and values on the university campus, respect for order and public morals, and stressing the need to uphold professional and patriotic values, foremost among which is respect for the profession, love of the homeland and its sincere national leadership represented by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, may God protect him.
This came in light of taking all precautions before and during the celebration.

The administration of the Higher Institute of Social Work ended the second term exams of the 2019-2020 academic year amid precautionary measures that included providing a sterilization portal, two thermal detectors, providing a reception space for more than 500 students, as well as preparing and sterilizing buildings and stands and providing disinfection methods in the toilets. In addition to the camera surveillance system, which ensures the stability of the examination process by monitoring and recording its facts. It is noteworthy that the institute is witnessing a great development in the style and content of the examination paper in line with the latest global trends, and the correction is also done electronically.